%0 Journal Article %T Dynamics and Green??s Functions of Uniaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals %A M.Y. Kovalevsky %A V.T. Matskevych %J Open Access Library PrePrints %V 1 %N 1 %P 1-18 %@ 2333-9721 %D 2014 %I Open Access Library %R 10.4236/oalib.preprints.1200097 %X Dynamics of uniaxial nematic liquid crystals with rod-shaped and disc-shaped molecules in an external field is considered. For the systems under study thermodynamics is constructed and nonlinear dynamic equations accounting for the internal spatial anisotropy and molecules shape are derived. Densities of additive integrals of motion and corresponding flow densities are introduced in terms of thermodynamic potential. Analytical structure of low-frequency asymptotics of two-time Green??s functions is calculated and their characteristics in the region of small wave vectors and frequencies are studied. It is shown that unlike other condensed media with spontaneously broken symmetry low-frequency asymptotics of Green??s functions of considered liquid crystals do not contain divergences of Bogolyubov type. %K Uniaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals %K Hamiltonian Approach %K Green?? Functions %K Spontaneously Broken Symmetry %U http://www.6582443.live/paper/3148764 广西快乐10分下载 北京pk拾开奖网站 江苏体彩七位数走势图综合版 20选5风采网走势图 股票指数投资策略主要包括 秒秒彩的平台 极速时时彩是否有假 股票怎么玩短线 江苏快三历史开奖结果 双色球技巧和计算方法 河北11选5任五遗漏查询