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Mar 27, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Contribution to the Knowledge of the Phytocenotic Diversity of the Lesser Antilles Revisiting Some Old and More Recent Floristic Data

Philippe Joseph, Jean-Philippe Claude, Kévine Baillard, Yelji Abati, Yanis Jean-Francois, Péguy Major, Jean-Emile Simphor, Jean-Valéry Marc, Séverine Ely-Marius, Stéphane Sophie
The complex structure of the abiotic factors in the Lesser Antilles leads to singular vegetation ranging from the dry to the humid. Geomorphology by means of the wide variety of topographic facets is the determining parameter which leads to gradients of mesological factors. Among the latter, both on the windward and leeward facades, the precipitation is distinguished by bioclimatic staging associated with plant stagings which consist of a mosaic of phytocenoses of variable sizes, ages, floristic...

Mar 25, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Biomass Char Steam Gasification in Fluidized Reactor Using Nuclear Heat

Abdelhamid BELGHIT
The energy resources diversification has been increased with the energy crisis, in particular, the renewable energies and optimal management have become essential in the context of sustainable development. The conventional auto-thermal gasification processes burn part of the carbonaceous compound in order to supply the energy necessary to enhance gasification reactions. This energy could be provided as well by a nuclear reactor of IV generation. The nuclear heat is transferred from the VHTR to a...

Aug 20, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Assessing the Floristic Biodiversity and Carbon Stock in a Republic of Congo’s Forest Ecosystem

Donatien Nzala, Romeo Ekoungoulou, Bernadin Y. Ngoumba
Reforestation management goes through the knowledge of the tired out evolution after a forestry rest. The aim of this study was to assess biodi-versity concerning Terminalia superba Engl. & Diels and its undergrowth, and then quantify sequestered carbon stocks to appreciate the impact of reforestation on forest recovery and the enhancement of carbon stocks. The study was conducted at Bilala artificial forest in southeastern Re

Jul 10, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Influence of Land Cover Changes and Climatic Variability on Discharge Regime of Njoro River Catchment in Kenya

Kennedy Kitonga Mwetu
This study analyzed influence of land cover changes and climatic variability from 1973 to 2000 on discharge regime of Njoro River Catchment in Kenya. Analysis focused on hydro-meteorological data of 1977-1984 (Period I) and 1992-2000 (Period II), which are the periods found with available data and Landsat imageries for the same periods. Results show a downward trend of annual discharge that corresponded to increased deforestation.

Jan 25, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Are the Alien Species of Melastomataceae and Bombacoideae a Potential Risk for Brazilian Cerrado?

Clesnan Mendes-Rodrigues, Paulo Eugênio Oliveira, Rafaela Cabral Marinho, Rosana Romero, Marli A. Ranal
The cultivation of species in urban areas for landscaping or consumption has increased in cities surrounded by Cerrado, putting in risk the local flora. Thus, the objective of this paper was to describe seed germination and seedling emergence of five urban cultivated species of Melastomataceae and Bombacoideae and compare them with Cerrado native species to evaluate if they offer any risk to local vegetation. The seeds were collec

Oct 29, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Potential Productivity of Light-Chestnut Soils of the North-Western Precaspian Region in Connection with the Dynamics of Environmental Factors

Gasan Gasanov, Tatiana Asvarova, Kamil Hajiyev, Rashid Bashirov, Aishat Abdulayeva, Zaira Akhmedova, Shamil Salikhov, Nurjagan Ramazanova, Viktoria Semenova, Radjab Usmanov, Aytemir Aytemirov, Nurulislam Magomedov, Magomed Musaev
The data on receipt of photo synthetically active radiation (FAR) on the soil surface and the coefficient of its use over the years and periods of the year de-pending on the hydrothermal conditions and dynamics of harmful salts in the soil are given. The items of the changes in the species composition of phytoce-noses depending on the environmental factors are considered.

Oct 24, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Case Study of Baiyun and Caohai Lakes Implies How to Implement Wetland Restoration/Creation

Lin Xiao, Qun Zhang, Guifeng Wei, Sixi Zhu, Fanyang Yu, Boping Han
This work discusses how to implement wetland restoration/creation from the viewpoint that wetland aquatic plants are divided into four life forms: emergent, submergent, floating and floating leaf plants. Caohai Lake and Baiyun Lake were selected to discuss the difference of the species richness changes during the creation/restoration process. Baiyun Lake and eight surrounding wetlands have been selected to discuss how the species

Apr 08, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Microbial Inoculants Development for Bioremediation of Gasoline and Diesel Contaminated Soil

Aline Jaime Leal, Edmo Montes Rodrigues, Rita de Cássia Rocha Fernandes, Arnaldo Chaer Borges, Aline Daniela Lopes Júlio, Fernanda de Souza Freitas, Marcos Rogério Tótola
In this study, we describe the development of microbial inoculants for the bioremediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils through the enrichment of hydrocarbonoclastic populations in municipal solid waste compost (MSWC). Respirometric analyses were performed along with quantification of total heterotrophic bacteria and ester-linked fatty acid methyl ester (EL-FAME) profiling of the microbial communities o

Mar 15, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Detection of Horizontal Transfer of Housekeeping and Hydrocarbons Catabolism Genes in Bacterial Genus with Potential to Application in Bioremediation Process

Edmo Montes Rodrigues, Fernanda de Souza Freitas, Tatiane de Paula Siqueira
In silico analysis can be useful to infer about the horizontal gene transfer (HGT) as well as to deduce about the evolutionary relations of catabolic genes. In this study, we performed the analysis of two housekeeping genes (fabD and rpoD) and two catabolic gene


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