Top Open Access publications matching Therapy
Rankings Journal Title Publisher h5-index
1. Arthritis Research & Therapy BioMed Central 57
2. Stem Cell Research & Therapy BioMed Central 45
3. Alzheimer's Research & Therapy BioMed Central 42
4. Molecular Therapy: Nucleic Acids Nature Publishing Group 38
5. Complementary Therapies in Medicine Churchill Livingstone 33
6. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer BioMed Central 28
7. Journal of Physical Therapy Science Society of Physical Therapy Science (Rigaku Ryoho Kagakugakkai) 26
8. AIDS Research and Therapy BioMed Central 21
9. Diabetes Therapy Adis, Springer Healthcare 21
10. Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy AME Publishing Company 21
11. Molecular Therapy: Methods & Clinical Development Nature Publishing Group 17
12. International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy Universidad de Almeria 16
13. Dermatology and Therapy Adis, Springer Healthcare 16
14. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR) 15
15. Journal of Cancer Therapy Scientific Research Publishing 14
16. Cochlear Implants International Maney Publishing 14
17. Infectious Diseases and Therapy Adis, Springer Healthcare 14
18. Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Associacao de Psiquiatria do Rio Grande do Sul 13
19. American Journal of Psychotherapy Association for the Advancement of Psychotherapy Inc. 13
20. International Journal of Cancer Therapy and Oncology IJCTO 12
21. Molecular Imaging and Radionuclide Therapy Galenos Yayinevi 10
22. Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy University of Bergen. Antioch University 7
23. Journal of Psychology & Psychotherapy OMICS International 7
24. Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation Scientific Research Publishing 6*
25. Journal of Obesity & Weight Loss Therapy OMICS International 6
26. Biomedical Research and Therapy BioMedPress 5
27. Journal of Cardiology and Therapy ACT Publishing 5
28. Modern Chemotherapy Scientific Research Publishing 4*
29. Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy Moscow State University of Psychology and Education 2
   The listed h5 indexes were originated from Google Scholar Metrics updated in June 2017.
   If you have any comments or inquiries, please send them to [email protected].
 * The h5-index for this journal is calculated based on the citations statistics from Google Scholar.

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