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Dynamics and Green’s Functions of Uniaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals  [PDF]
M.Y. Kovalevsky, V.T. Matskevych
Open Access Library PrePrints (OALib PrePrints) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.preprints.1200097
Abstract: Dynamics of uniaxial nematic liquid crystals with rod-shaped and disc-shaped molecules in an external field is considered. For the systems under study thermodynamics is constructed and nonlinear dynamic equations accounting for the internal spatial anisotropy and molecules shape are derived. Densities of additive integrals of motion and corresponding flow densities are introduced in terms of thermodynamic potential. Analytical structure of low-frequency asymptotics of two-time Green’s functions is calculated and their characteristics in the region of small wave vectors and frequencies are studied. It is shown that unlike other condensed media with spontaneously broken symmetry low-frequency asymptotics of Green’s functions of considered liquid crystals do not contain divergences of Bogolyubov type.
Problems of managing state corporations
Annenkov M.Y.
Sovremennaa Ekonomika : Problemy, Tendencii, Perspektivy , 2011,
Abstract: In this article the problem of gap between strategy and tactics, typical for Russian state corporations, is addressed. Organizational dynamics, which defines how the competences of the enterprise work, alone and in combination, fills this gap. The essence of organizational dynamics is demonstrated in the context of organizational change. Wicked problems as a separate class of management problems are analyzed. It is demonstrated that this kind of problem is typical for managing state corporations.
The choice of the strategy advancement of new production in the food-processing industry
M.Y. Karpishchenko
Marketing ì Mened?ment Innovacìj , 2010,
Abstract: In the article it is analyzed necessity of management of the choice of strategy advancement of new production, and also is considered the example of the choice of strategy advancement of the new goods on the target market according to author's algorithm.
The Principles of Functioning of Information Systems for Supporting of Career Guidance
M.Y. Makarova
Algoritmy, Metody i Sistemy Obrabotki Dannyh , 2012,
Abstract: The author substantiates the development relevance of the information system for career guidance supporting and analyzes the existing software products in this area. The functions that must be present in systems of this kind are defined. Particular attention is paid to the algorithm description of obtaining of career-oriented helping by user. The author emphasizes that the developed system differs from existing systems and meets the modern demands of society.
Total Productive Maintenance: A Study of Malaysian Automotive SMEs
Badli Shah M.Y
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science , 2012,
El aluvión del 13 de febrero de 1944 en la quebrada del Carrizal, departamento Iglesia, provincia de San Juan The flash flood of the 13th. of february of 1944 in the Quebrada del Carrizal, Departamento Iglesia, province of San Juan
M.Y. Esper Angillieri
Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina , 2007,
Abstract: El 13 de Febrero de 1944, pocas semanas después del sismo (M 7,4) que destruyera la capital sanjuanina, un violento e imprevisto aluvión azotó a una peque a localidad emplazada al noroeste de la provincia de San Juan en el departamento Iglesia, en el borde noroccidental de Precordillera Occidental. En pocos minutos, la suma de factores climáticos, geológicos y geomorfológicos, se reflejó en la generación de un flujo repentino, cuyo caudal fue estimado por los hidrólogos en 600 m3/s. Como consecuencia treinta y cinco personas perdieron la vida, viviendas y la mayor parte del ganado y sus cultivos, fueron arrasados y sepultados bajo una masa de lodo, rocas y ramas, fenómeno que puso fin a la existencia de la localidad El Carrizal. On that date, a few weeks after an earthquake had destroyed San Juan city, a violent and unexpected flash flood devastated a small village located to the northwest of the San Juan province (Iglesia Department) on the northwestern edge of the western Precordillera. In just a few minutes, a conjunction of climatic, geologic and geomorphological factors caused a flash flood, the volume of which was estimated at about 600 m3/s by hidrologists. As a consequence, thirty-five people died, houses and most of the cattle and crops were devastated and buried under a mass of mud, rocks and branches. Such phenomenon made El Carrizal village disappear forever.
Multiple Sink Based Compressive Data Aggregation Technique for Wireless Sensor Network
Mohamed Yacoab M.Y.
International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks , 2011,
Abstract: In a wireless sensor network, the single sink based data aggregation technique leads toinefficiency due to imbalance in energy consumption. Moreover it induces scalability problems andoverload at the sink, since it is a “many to one” pattern. Hence, in this paper, we develop a multiple sinkbased data aggregation technique, assuming the sinks are static. In this technique, initially a sinkoriented tree is determined for each sink. If the amount of data in the network becomes large, the data istransmitted in the slots allocated for the specific part of the data such that interference is avoided in thedata transmission. As data gets aggregated at the nodes which are nearer to the sink it will becompressed and then forwarded to the next level. This way data is efficiently transmitted to the sinkwithout any loss and interference. By simulation results, we show that our proposed technique achievesgood packet delivery ratio with reduced energy consumption and delay.
La gubia ósea como instrumento escultor del pliegue nasolabial: Nota técnica
Mommaerts,M.Y.; Ramos Medina,B.;
Revista Espa?ola de Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial , 2008, DOI: 10.4321/S1130-05582008000300006
Abstract: prominent nasolabial folds are of concern to many face lift candidates. many techniques have been described which tackle this distinct sign of ageing. crease fillers have inherent limitations. extended smas dissection and suspension has no effect after 24 hours. malar fat pad suspension has an effect which extends maximally to 2 years. direct fat excision lateral to the crease must be done cautiously. however, it is the only technique providing permanent results. fat removal can be done with tweezers and scissors, with liposuction canules, and with curettes. tactile and visual control over location and depth of the resection is required. such is possible when using a bone rongeur in one hand to reduce the fat mount which has been dissected off the dermis. the other hand turns over the cheek flap for alternating internal and external control of the sculpturing effect, and for external tactile guidance.
Long Term Transients in MOSFET 1/f Noise with Switched Bias
M.Y. Louie and L. Forbes
The Open Electrical & Electronic Engineering Journal , 2007, DOI: 10.2174/1874129000701010051]
Abstract: Long term time dependent transients in l/f noise have been observed and are reported on NMOS transistors operating with switched gate bias. The results are interpreted as a modification of the time dependence of random telegraph signals. The results have important implications in the understanding of the nature of l/f noise and in the understanding the effect of l/f noise in switched capacitor and RF circuits with large amplitude switching gate voltages.
Collaborative Software Architecture
Deepak Laxmi Narasimha,M.Y. Sanavullah
Asian Journal of Information Technology , 2012,
Abstract: Modern software architecture becomes more and more complex as the number of properties, features and the requirements are increasing. Software application developer requires to know a number of concerns like functional and non-functional properties of the application during the application development process. Here an attempt is made to develop a software architecture using four different software engineering methodologies namely Object, Agent, Aspect and Component on a common platform. Studies show that traditional software engineering methods like Object Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE), Agent Based Software Engineering (ABSE) and Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) are not efficient enough for the development of large enterprise application. Therefore a new method i.e., Aspect Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) combining all the above four software engineering methods has been proposed in the study. AOSE has been found to be useful to remove the concerns associated with the other three software engineering methods. Further Aspects in AOSE allows software engineering properties to move from one model to another through weaving. A methodology is proposed to develop an Advanced Aspect-J2EE platform and model based on modification of J2EE and EJB component model. Thus the combination of these 4 software engineering methods results in collaborative software architecture i.e., Advanced Aspect-Java 2 Enterprise Edition (AD Aspect-J2EE).

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